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Wide range of access control solutions

No matter how well secured a business or residential property is, inefficient Access Control systems, inferior products or poor installations will compromise convenience, safety and can weaken an otherwise robust security system. Forcefield also specialises in the supply and installation of these access systems, by providing affordable and flexible solutions to meet specific user needs. There are a host of practical features and benefits of well implemented access control measures.

Access control features and benefits

  • They are user-friendly systems, no matter how expansive the installation needs are
  • Aesthetically pleasing, non bulky, no chunky cables or obtrusive components jutting
  • Facilitate secure vehicle access for guests, clients and employees entering – they can remain safely inside vehicles, while requesting access via intercom
  • Enable control of incoming and outgoing vehicles and persons

Securing your world

Due to the varying needs of domestic and commercial properties, Forcefield provides a range of access control solutions. This includes the supply and installation of quality intercom systems and related peripheral components.

As a quality driven and value based company Forcefield provides access control systems suited to both client needs and budget.

  • Commax, for instance, is a reputable brand that’s considered a simple and cost-effective choice. This product is suited to fewer handsets and comes with limited expansion, but is an ideal choice for smaller solutions
  • BPT on the other hand is a more customisable product. Handsets can inter-communicate with each other as well as with the primary entry intercom. This system can also be expanded after the original installation
  • G-speak is a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications – In lay-mans terms, GSM systems connect to cell phones) based remote control, allowing the user to control linked gates via a cell call. This option is often preferred in the case of domestic properties with fewer visitors, seeing that it operates via cellular network at standard call rates
  • Comb-communications ‘MKII’ is also a GSM based access control solution that allows remote access from the installer. This in turn allows for remote programming of details into the system (Up to 7500 sets of details). This system can be installed in smaller complexes, but comfortably caters to installation needs of very large complexes too. Non-GSM based solutions rely on a wired setup which is prone to degradation, vulnerable to failure, and difficult to repair. Due to the wireless nature of a GSM system, quick and easy installation is enabled at a central point – without needing to interfere with individual units. An added benefit worth noting is that – thanks to how the programming of the gate function operates –
    security reports can be generated easily showing entry log and related access details

Forcefield installs intercoms and controlled access throughout Gauteng accompanied by the signature Forcefield service experience.

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Access control that offers
  • Easy to use
  • Guests, clients, employees, stay safely inside their cars while contacting you on the intercom for access
  • You control in- and outgoing traffic

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