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CCTV & Surveillance

CCTV gives extra visual and awareness security

Closed circuit television and related surveillance technology is a massive breakthrough in modern day protection services. The Forcefield armoury of safety and security solutions wouldn’t be complete without a keen specialisation in this niche’ offering – for both domestic and commercial purposes.

As such Forcefield offers CCTV / Surveillance services on a client-specific or business-specific basis; this implies tailored solutions that are ideal for your home or business. This includes installations for homes, complexes and security estates as well as commercial premises such as industrial / office
parks and expansive corporate buildings.

HD CCTV is now standard

With CCTV there are three types of solutions: Analogue, HD and IP. Analogue is really only still in place with older setups. The image quality is poor, and this choice is not cost-effective. Forcefield no longer offers new Analogue surveillance installations based on current market demands; but does assist on a repair basis when it comes to existing installations. HD is now the standard when it comes to CCTV.

Quality-wise it is, as the name implies, high definition, and it costs almost the same as Analogue while providing greater value-benefits. IP is the highest quality solution, with crystal clear images and astonishing zoom functionality. However, this option is more expensive, so it’s ideally suited to corporate clients or those on a higher budget threshold.

Forcefield installs CCTV & Surveillance throughout Gauteng accompanied by the signature Forcefield service experience.

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Benefits of CCTV & Surveillance

  • Flexible solutions – i.e. number of cameras, optional extras, special features etc.
  • High quality / resolution images
  • Expansive recording capabilities

CCTV & Surveillance Products

Hikvision CCTV Solutions

Hikvision is distributed world-wide and is a respected choice by consumers seeking quality CCTV solutions. It is available in wired or wireless options and can be used at the household level, such as in the case of a 4 channel medium house setup that would cover the gate, backyard and front yard. This can be connected to dedicated monitors as well as any other laptops, phones etc that you’d like linked to the system for monitoring purposes. Hikvision also caters to massive scale rollouts, with hundreds of cameras (Of varying sophistication) connected to multi-floor stations.

Dahua CCTV Solutions

The second product used is Dahua. This is very similar to Hikvision, the primary difference of-course is that it is slightly more affordable overall and therefore caters for the market that’s operating on a lower budget or where a simpler CCTV solution is preferred.

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