Security starts with your perimeter.

Electric Fencing

Security fencing done like it should.

Forcefield provides customised electric fencing solutions suited to the specific security needs of your premises be it residential complex, freestanding home or expansive commercial / industrial site. We rely only on the most reputable brands in order to deliver quality products that complement the efficient, reliable service and support our customers have come to expect of us.

Electric fencing has become a necessity when it comes to ensuring secure perimeters, providing several safety benefits.

Electric fencing benefits

  • Acting as a barrier to entry – serving as a major deterrent to would-be intruders
  • Providing effective protection through the threat of high voltage shock
  • Providing early detection of breach with an audible alarm and visible strobe light
  • Affords direct link to your armed response company


All electrical fencing installations are followed by the issuing of a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) as is legally required

Custom security fencing for

An Array of properties



Electric Fencing
  • Barrier to entry, making your property unappealing to intruders
  • Effective protection through a high voltage shock
  • Early detection with an audible alarm and visible strobe light
  • Direct link to your armed response company Peace of mind

We utilise leading electric fence solutions

Forcefield utilises one of two leading products depending on the size of the property that needs to be fenced as well as installation preferences of the client:


For domestic installations, such as homes and small complexes, Nemtek is usually the go-to choice. As a market leader nationally, and a preferred choice in Johannesburg and surrounds, Nemtek enables stable and high quality solutions. The brand produces single and dual energisers, which are designed to support one and two zone installations of typically between 100m to 200m of fencing. Essentially, Nemtek provides a product suited to set parameters, meaning faster and simpler installations. It should be noted that though Nemtek is a popular choice for domestic installations, it can be used for larger installations too – e.g. 1km of electric fencing installation for a commercial building. In order to zone it, clients may prefer to install multiple energisers to make the maintenance process easier, in terms of isolating faults and attending to repairs.


The other reputable electrical fence product supplied and installed by Forcefield – is Stinger. Although, this brand can also be used for smaller domestic level jobs, it is primarily suited to extensive multi-zone installations; the likes of power stations being an ideal example. Stinger energisers can comfortably support up to twenty zones for instance, while handling perimeters exceeding 1 kilometre on a single energiser. One of the main attributes allowing this brand to work effectively with larger installations is the degree to which it can be customised. Forcefield is, however, able to accommodate domestic clients that wish to go with Stinger due to preference.

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